3 Tips to Help You Get a Great Deal on a Used RV

posted by markhixson @ 4:06pm, Wednesday 28 September 2016.

rv superstoreIt’s easy to get caught up in your fantasies of all the good times you’re going to have cruising the countryside in your new RV. But if you want to get a good deal on a used RV, you can’t be impulsive. Before running out to the RV superstore and buying the first motorhome you see, take some time and consider these three RV buying tips.

  1. Know what you’re looking for. If you’re new to the RV game, you might just assume that all RVs are the same. What you need to do first is conduct some research; find out which type of vehicle truly matches both your budget and your traveling needs.

    First of all, there are two primary categories of RVs -- motorhomes and towables. Like their name suggests, towables are hitched to the back of a car, van, or truck. Motorhomes, on the other hand, are free-standing vehicles. To determine what type of vehicle is right for you, consider the kind of traveling you plan to do. For longer trips, you may want to consider fifth wheel campers, because they are typically pretty large and have the capacity to store a lot of luggage. If you’re more of a weekend camper, you would want to go with a pop up camper trailer that's small, lightweight, and easy to store when not in use. Also, remember that some RVs come with additional camper accessories that may be useful to you.

  2. Check the vehicle’s history. When you purchase a used vehicle, you’re getting the RV and its history. You have the right to know if it has ever been damaged, rebuilt, stolen, or modified, because what it’s gone through in the past may affect how it runs in the future. The dealer or RV superstore should be able to provide you with this information. If they cannot, you can purchase history reports on used camper trailers at places like rvchecks.com. You just need to know the 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN).

  3. Ask the dealer. In addition to finding out about the RV’s history, you should also ask about its current condition. The untrained eye may not be able to see the kinds of damage or wear and tear that would lower a vehicle’s value. Like you would with any other type of vehicle, make sure you test drive a few used camper trailers from the RV superstore before making a final decision.
In the U.S. alone, there are more than 12,000 RV-related businesses, with combined annual revenues of more than $37.5 billion. Not only that, but the RV industry employs more than a quarter million Americans nationwide, not to mention all the people who love the RV lifestyle. It is a large industry with a large population of passionate consumers. If you need help finding a good deal on a used RV, then remember that there are many resources out there for you to consult.

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Which of These 3 Camper Trailers Will You Choose?

posted by markhixson @ 11:51am, Monday 22 August 2016.

pop up camper trailer

With more than 16,000 public and private campgrounds nationwide, RV owners are free to roam America’s roads for a weekend or even months at a time. The length of your typical trip may play a part in determining the type of RV you purchase. Other factors will include the size of the group you’re traveling with, the amount of luggage you’re bringing along, and the kind of car you normally drive.

There are two main categories of RVs – motorhomes and towables. Towables are campers that are attached to the back of the family car, van, or pickup truck, and this is the category we're going to explore in detail today.

Towables come in three primary styles, all of which have their own unique advantages and challenges. So before you head to an RV superstore for the recreational vehicle of your dreams, here's what any interested buyer needs to know about the best towables available today.

Fifth Wheel Campers

If you’re heading out on a long trip, or if you’re a notorious over-packer, you will love fifth wheel models. These trailers provide extra storage space in the raised level that rests on top of the flatbed. Because they are generally the largest kind of camper, towing a fifth wheel trailer requires a heavy duty towing capacity vehicle.

Verdict: For truck lovers and serious travelers, this is the obvious choice.

Pop Up Camper Trailers

These folding camper trailers are small, lightweight, and tend to be the most affordable. They are easy to tow and they take up very little space when they’re not in use. Of course, they need to be set up and broken down, so it takes a little more time and effort to hit the road in a pop up camper trailer. You can bet it’s worth it, though!

Verdict: If you love to go camping on weekends, this trailer might be the excuse you need to hit the trail more often.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are incredibly diverse, versatile, and totally timeless. One of the more well-known brands is the Airstream, which varies in size from the compact “Sport” to the roomier “Land Yacht.” Every type of travel trailer has its own unique features, but all are great for hitting the open road.

Verdict: If you take long road trips but don't want to buy a truck, then travel trailers are a popular choice.

RVIA estimates that there are as many as 30 million RV enthusiasts nationwide, including RV renters. Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to the type of camper they enjoy traveling in. To find out what type of recreational vehicle is right for you, check out the selection at your local RV superstore.

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Enjoy the Wonders of Nature From the Comfort of Your New Camper Trailer

posted by markhixson @ 10:00am, Wednesday 17 August 2016.

used camper trailers

Camping comes in many forms. Some people prefer “roughing it” in the woods, equipped with nothing but a tarp and two sticks to rub together. Others like to enjoy nature from the comfort of their luxury RV, complete with running water, private bathroom, and comfortable beds. Sure, there’s nothing like the great outdoors in all its blooming majesty, but there's plenty of time to commune with nature after a good night’s sleep.

Whether it is in a tent, at a campground, or in the comfort of an RV, camping is considered one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United States. In 2013 alone, the revenue of campgrounds and RV parks was estimated at around $5 billion.

So many vacationing families are choosing to improve their camping trips by purchasing new and used camper trailers like the Jayco Eagle Premier Camper. Travel trailers like these come with all the amenities and camper accessories your family needs to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing trip together, while still experiencing the wonders of nature.

Arguably the greatest part about RV camping is the freedom it grants you. With more than 16,000 public and private campgrounds nationwide, vacationers traveling in new or used camper trailers are free to roam America’s vast open roads for days, weeks, or even months at a time (some people even go full-time). Without expensive hotel fees and restaurant bills, there will be nothing holding you back from your perfect family vacation.

There are plenty of reasons to get out on the road in a travel camper. In a recent survey of RV users, respondents gave a variety of answers when asked: What is the main reason you use an RV?

Here are those results:

  • Getting away more often. More than half (64%) of the surveyed individuals said that they travel in an RV simply because it allows them to travel more frequently.

  • Spending quality time with family. A total of 47% also claimed that the freedom of traveling in an RV grants them more quality bonding time with their family.

  • Escaping stress. Another 44% stated that they appreciated the opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life, which are all too common due to pressures at work and at home.

  • A more affordable way to travel. Of those surveyed, 42% said that they traveled in an RV to lower the cost of their vacations.

  • Getting away without planning in advance. It seems that 38% of people enjoy the spontaneity of RV travel. With camper trailers, you don’t have to book flights or hotel rooms (or deal with layovers and cancellations). You don't have to constantly buy the latest camping gear, and you can leave whenever you please.

Are you convinced yet?

Then get off the Internet and head out to your local RV superstore today to check out their inventory of new and used camper trailers. And if you're in Mississippi, stop on by the best RV supercenter in the state to see our huge selection of new and used camper trailers, RVs, and more!

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Hit the Road in a Fifth Wheel Camper!

posted by markhixson @ 11:49am, Tuesday 16 August 2016.

prototype circuit board

The open road is calling your name, and you are more than ready to heed its call. But first, you must head to the RV superstore to find the perfect vehicle to take you on your journey. Besides being a fun way to travel, motorhomes, campers and RVs are economical. A recent survey found that for a family of four, traveling by RV on vacation can save 23% to 59% of their total vacation cost.

When it comes to RVs, you have two choices: motorhomes and towables. Both are great options, but which do you choose? You may want to consider a fifth wheel camper, an RV designed to be affixed and towed by a pickup truck.

Whether you are looking at new or used camper trailers, fifth wheels come equipped with all the comforts of home. They are perfect for weekend getaways, family vacations, and extended road trips.

Four Benefits of a Fifth Wheel Camper

  1. Great price 
    When it comes to fifth wheel travel trailers, you simply get more “bang for the buck.” For the same price as an old, used motorhome, you can get a brand new fifth wheel camper. A used motorhome has the potential to turn into a money pit, and you would still need to purchase some sort of tow vehicle. Furthermore, insurance costs tend to be lower with a trailer and truck than with two powered vehicles.

  2. Smaller, but roomier 
    A fifth wheel trailer is shorter in length then most motorhomes, but comes with maximum roominess on the inside. The high ceilings really open up the space. There is also quite a bit of storage space available.

  3. Easy to maintain 
    A motorhome combines the engine, drivetrain, and vehicle electronics with the RV systems, making it more complex than a trailer. With just the basic electrical, propane, and plumbing to worry about, maintaining a fifth wheel is a much simpler task with less risk of causing accidental damage.

  4. Truck and trailer are two separate entities 
    What happens if your motorhome breaks down? Some shops allow owners to live in their motorhomes while they are being repaired, but many do not. So, where will you stay? When your trailer can be easily detached from your vehicle, this will never be a problem. If your truck needs to stay in the repair shop for a few days, at least you still have your trailer.
 With more than 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds nationwide, RV owners are free to roam America’s roads for a weekend or even months at a time. For trips like these, fifth wheel campers are ideal for cutting costs and maximizing comfort.

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